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Zuzer Roshan Vithodawala


Zuzer Vithodawala

CA. Zuzer Roshan Vithodawala is a highly accomplished professional and a fellow member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. With a membership number of 301283 since 2011, he has consistently demonstrated his dedication to excellence in the field of accounting and finance. Zuzer Roshan Vithodawala’s extensive experience spans over almost a decade, during which he has gained invaluable expertise in various accounting standards, including IFRS, Ind AS, and IGAAP. He has worked with renowned organizations such as KPMG and Tata Consultancy Services Limited (“TCS”), establishing himself as a proficient and respected finance professional.

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Educational Experience

CA. Zuzer Roshan Vithodawala is a distinguished professional who holds the esteemed designation of F.C.A. (Fellow Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India). He attained this prestigious membership in the year 2011, signifying his successful completion of rigorous academic and professional training in the field of accounting and finance. Additionally, he holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Honors) degree, which has provided him with a solid foundation in financial principles and business practices.


Junior Technician

2022 - Present (Open)


Business Expert

2019-2021 (Envato)


Finance Manager

2017 - 2019 (Netflix)


Junior Consultant

2012 - 2016 (Canva)

Professional Skills

With nearly a decade of experience, Zuzer Roshan Vithodawala has proven himself as a highly accomplished finance professional. He has worked with renowned organizations, including KPMG and Tata Consultancy Services Limited (“TCS”), where he made significant contributions in various key roles.

At KPMG, Zuzer played a pivotal role in handling the preparation, review, and audit of financial statements for funds, which encompassed hedge funds, private equity, and mutual funds for large investment banks. His expertise in managing these intricate financial matters earned him a reputation as a reliable and proficient finance specialist.

During his tenure at TCS, Zuzer was an essential part of the team responsible for preparing financial statements, both standalone and consolidated, adhering to IGAAP and IFRS standards. Additionally, he was actively involved in Management Information System (MIS) reporting, contributing to enhanced financial decision-making processes within the organization.

Beyond his direct professional responsibilities, Zuzer Roshan Vithodawala has been a regular speaker and trainer on the topics of IFRS and Ind AS. His commitment to sharing knowledge and insights highlights his dedication to continuous learning and professional development. His expertise and willingness to impart knowledge have earned him respect and recognition in the finance industry.

Zuzer’s extensive experience in a multinational environment has honed his ability to thrive in diverse and dynamic settings, making him a valuable asset to any organization. His comprehensive understanding of international and Indian accounting standards, including IFRS, Ind AS, and IGAAP, showcases his versatility and capability to address complex financial reporting challenges across various sectors.

Expertise in IFRS, Ind AS, and IGAAP
Key Roles at KPMG and TCS
Multinational Environment
Indirect Taxation Expertise